Who We Are

Endocrine Surgeons are specialists in the diagnosis, management and treatment of endocrine disorders affecting the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands.

The Hammersmith Hospital at Imperial College NHS Trust houses the UK’s original and largest department of Endocrine & Thyroid Surgery. It is comprised of three full-time Consultant Surgeons who look after and operate on endocrine surgical patients exclusively:

Professor Fausto Palazzo, Miss Aimee Di Marco, Professor Neil Tolley


We work closely with the Department of Endocrinology at Imperial College NHS Trust.  All outpatient clinics in Endocrine Surgery are joint clinics held alongside our colleagues  in Endocrinology who also support our surgical inpatients as required, providing seamless multidisciplinary care. www.imperialendo.com

Radiology, Anaesthesia, Oncology, Renal Medicine, Obstetrics & Pathology

Consultants in these specialties at the Hammersmith Hospital are integral parts of our multidisciplinary team.

Our Clinical Team

Mr. Mustafa Jaafar

Specialty Trainee (ST5)
ENT Surgery

Dr. Laura Aggenbach

Selwyn Taylor Fellow
(Senior Clinical Fellow)

Miss Nikita Chander

Specialty Trainee (ST4)
General Surgery

Dr. Talal Aljalabneh

Clinical Fellow

Claire Nugent

Specialist Nurse

Dr. Raj Mamidi

Senior House Officer

Giovanna Cella

Specialist Nurse

Our Support Team

AnneMarie Feeney

Secretary to Prof Palazzo & Miss Di Marco

MDT Coordinator

Thyroid Cancer Adrenal & Parathyroid

Min Myint

Secretary to Professor Tolley

How to refer to us

GPs and other specialists can refer by using the online e-RS system or by writing a letter. All two-week-wait referrals should be made via e-RS.

Alternatively, email annemarie.feeney@nhs.net

To have a patient discussed on one of our MDTs, either contact one of the consultants or the MDT coordinator directly.

MDT referrals – thyroid cancer

MDT referrals – adrenal & parathyroid

All three consultants accept private referrals.

Professor Palazzo

1 Welbeck Street
The BUPA Cromwell Hospital
The Princess Grace Hospital

Telephone: 0207 100 8086

Email: surgical.secretary@gmail.com

Professor Tolley

St. John's & Elizabeth's Hospital The Clementine Churchill Hospital

Telephone: 0203 884 0513

Email: tolley.secretary@gmail.com

Miss. Di Marco

The Lister Hospital
King Edward VIIth's Hospital

Telephone: 0203 983 8338

Email: adimarco.pa@gmail.com