The Hammersmith Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium

Bringing together endocrinologists with surgeons with an interest in endocrine pathology. The meeting is typically attended in person or on line by 200 delegates from all over the UK. This is the meeting’s 18th year and previous contributors have included Prof Ian Hay (Mayo Clinic), Prof Jean-Francios Henry (Marseille), Prof Peter Stalhberg (Upsala), Prof Martin Walz (Essen), Mr David Scott-Coombes (Cardiff), Prof Antonio Sitges Serra (Barcelona), Prof Frederic Sebag (Marseille), Prof Francios Pattou (Lille), Prof Zyg Krukowski (Aberdeen), Anders Bergenfeltz (Lund), Prof Nelly Pitteloud (Lausanne) and many others. This year’s meeting focuses on parathyroid disease, adrenal surgery and thyroid cancer and we are delighted this year to have a keynote talk from Prof Jan Zedenius from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden who will update us on the state of the art of novel treatments in thyroid cancer.

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