Refer To Us

We accept referrals for thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery from throughout the UK and overseas. We prefer formal referrals from your local doctor or specialists.

NHS referrals

We welcome new referrals and second opinions from GPs and other specialists.

Routine referrals may be made by using the online e-RS system or via post or email.

All urgent cancer ‘two-week-wait’ referrals should be made via e-RS.

To refer for an opinion from one of our MDTs, please contact the MDT coordinator directly via email (click below) or get in touch with one of the consultants.

MDT referrals – thyroid cancer

MDT referrals – adrenal & parathyroid

Private Referrals

All three consultants accept private referrals.

Professor Palazzo

1 Welbeck Street
The BUPA Cromwell Hospital
The Princess Grace Hospital

Telephone: 0207 100 8086


Professor Tolley

St. John's & Elizabeth's Hospital The Clementine Churchill Hospital

Telephone: 0203 884 0513


Miss. Di Marco

The Lister Hospital
King Edward VIIth's Hospital

Telephone: 0203 983 8338